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NOTE: Many home made and commercial viewing tubes or scopes are made with a flat lens. A flat lens requires the blocking of all peripheral light entering into the tube in order to eliminate undesirable internal reflection. Internal reflection impairs the viewing quality. The Aqua Scope II, Aqua Explorer and Aqua Scope VI are all designed with a tilted lens affording the viewer an unobstructed view (no internal reflection) regardless of peripheral light, therefore it is not necessary to have one's face in contact with the view mask in order to eliminate unwanted reflection. With the tilted lens, the scope may be held at any desired distance for viewing and maintain a reflection free view.

The Aqua Scope II™ Viewing Scope (Code: AS) The Aqua Scope II™ viewing scope is used for vernal pool surveys, Secchi disk readings, and aquatic plant studies and animal observations (macro invertebrates, mollusks, aquatic salamanders and others). The innovative design, with its tilted lens, eliminates both surface glare as well as internal reflection. This feature allows for consistent viewing parameters regardless of environmental conditions.

Other special features of this product are: a black interior, floatation collar, neoprene viewing mask and a comfortable handle. The scope is made of a crush resistant tube with an overall length of 26".

Aqua Scope II no longer available

Aqua Explorer™ Viewing scope (Code: AE) Compact version of Aqua Scope II™. Good for large aquarium or fish tank observation, and good fun at the lake! (approx. overall length 16") Price: US $68.00 (Quantity discounts available)

Aqua Scope VI™ Viewing Scope (Code: AS6) The Aqua Scope VI offers the viewer 2.25 times more viewing area than the 4 inch viewing scope. The 6 inch diameter is ideal for surveying aquatic invasive vegetation such as water chestnut, Eurasian watermilfoil, hydrilla and others. The innovative design, with its tilted lens, eliminates both surface glare as well as internal reflection. This feature aids in achieving consistent viewing parameters regardless of the environmental conditions. Other special features are: a black interior, floatation collar and neoprene viewing mask (which accommodates eye wear), and two sturdy handles. The ASVI is approximately 32 inches in length. Price: US$129.00 (quantity discounts are available)

View Bucket (Aqua Explorer View Bucket) Code: VB This aquatic view bucket is made of a rugged 5 gallon bucket with the lid containing an acrylic lens, which yields a 9¼ inch viewing area. The lens is recessed in the lid to provide protection from abrasion when the bucket is set down. The acrylic lens is replaceable. The black interior cuts down on the internal reflection. The two handles make for stable maneuvering and the all stainless steel hardware resist corrosion in both fresh and salt water. The View Bucket is ideal for observing streambed morphology, invasive aquatic plants and the monitoring of other aquatic life as well as locating moorings and other lost items. Price: US $98.00

Professional Transparency disk - Secchi Disk (Code: SDP) The disk is made of 1/4" acrylic with a diameter of 20cm. Comes with standard pattern of two white and two black quadrants. The pattern is in a flat finish. A stainless steel eyebolt (1" eye) and an industrial coated steel weight (approx. 1.50 lb.), are attached to the disk. Price: US$49.00

Student version Secchi Disk (Code: SDS) The student version has the same pattern as the professional disk. But this Secchi disk is made of 1/8" acrylic and has plated eyebolt and a coated steel weight. (approx. 1.50 lb.). GLOBE®-compliant. (Click here to go to the GLOBE® Program®'s protocols page.) Price: US$34.00 Quantity discounts available.

"Freshen-up Disk"™ Secchi disk decal (Code: FD-3 (3-Pack) or FD-20 (20 pack)) The "Freshen-up Disk"™ Secchi decal is an adhesive backed vinyl with Secchi disk pattern of black and white quadrants on surface. The pattern is in a flat finish. Adheres to acrylic, metal, masonite, wood and other surfaces. Easy to apply. Comes in packs of 3 and 20. Price(3): US $18.50 Price (20): US $83.00

Surveyor-Grade Tape (Code: STM-15 (15 Meter) or STM-30 (30 meter)) This surveyor grade tape is an open reel fiberglass measuring tape used in conjunction with the transparency disk. Its markings are in metric, in increments of meter; centimeters, down to 2 millimeters. Its bold marking and Fiberglass quality (lack of stretching as in rope) allow for more consistent and accurate reading. It has been modified with a stainless steel quick link (to attach to the Secchi disk eyebolt) and calibrated for a one inch eyebolt that is mounted flush to the disks surface. These tapes come in both 15 meter and 30 meter. (Other lengths available.) STM-15: US $32.00 STM-30: US $39.50   We also carry 15 and 30 meter tapes without the modification. ST-15 Price US $17.95  ST-30 Price US $26.95


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