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Student Net (Code: SN) This net has an 11-inch deep net bag with a seven inch diameter mouth. The mouth is bordered with 1 1/2-inches of vinyl covered nylon which is very abrasion, puncture, and tear resistant. The replaceable bag covers a 1/8-inch stainless steel hoop fixed to a 36-inch long hardwood pole 3/4 inches in diameter. Price: US$39.95.

Replacement net available (Code: SNR). Price: US$15.00.

Student Net w/ Skirt (Code: SNS) This net is designed so the fine meshed net with an 11-inch deep bag and a 7-inch diameter mouth is fully skirted to protect the net bag. The skirt is made of a vinyl-covered nylon which is abrasion, puncture and tear resistant. This fabric is not affected by temperature extremes and is resistant to fungicidal growth. The skirt is attached via hook and loop to the 1/8-inch stainless steel hoop. The net bag also attaches to the skirt at the mouth via hook and loop. With the net bag attached at the mouth it allows for easy inverting to "dump the catch" into a sieve basket. Price: US$48.00.

Replacement net available (Code: SNSR). Price: US$15.00.

D-Frame Net ( Code: DFN ) The traditional D-frame hoop of 1/4-inch stainless steel has a 12-inch bottom bar and a 2-inch rise before a 6 inch radius begins. The hoop is welded to a stainless steel handle collar, which is fitted to a 1and 1/4 inch diameter, 52 inch pole with two removable stainless steel bolts. The net is made of 500 micron Nytex® mesh (custom mesh sizes are available) and sewn to a vinyl covered nylon fabric; which has hook and loop attachment to the frame, making for easy replacement. Price: US $129.00   Replacement net available (DFNR) Price: US $65.00

Student Flat Viewing Aquarium - A Portable Aquarium (Code: PVASF) This piece of equipment consists of two rounded beveled 1/4 inch acrylic sheets 4"x5", one white translucent, the other clear. Two small hand clamps hold a 3/8-inch vinyl tube gasket in place between the sheets to form a thin aquarium. Price: US $22.50


Student Round Viewing Aquarium- A Portable Aquarium (Code: PVASR) The student round viewing aquarium consist of a 1 3/4 inch acrylic tube 3 1/2 inch high sealed at the bottom with a rounded acrylic foot and has a removable rubber stopper for a cap. Student Round Viewing Aquariums are useful for observing larger pond critters. Price: US$12.00

Teacher Flat Viewing Aquarium- A Portable Aquarium (Code: PVATF) The teacher flat viewing aquarium is the same as the student version but, 8 by 12 inch held together with five stainless steel bolts w/ wing nuts. Price: US $42.50.

Optional 9-inch spring clamps to give the viewing aquarium stability (Code: TVAC9). Price: US$8.00.