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Transparency / Turbidity Tube ( Code:TT ) Just as a Secchi disk is used as a measure of lake quality, a transparency tube can be used to estimate stream quality as it relates to solids in the water. Similar tools are called, Australian turbidity tube, or sediment stick. Citizen groups, schools and local governments can use transparency tube readings as a relative measure of stream quality. The 1 ¾ inch, clear polycarbonate tube is marked with an easy to read black numbers on a white tape in centimeters. Two lengths are available: 60 cm. and 120 cm. A drain tube with a crimp are supplied so the sample can be drained off until the "Secchi" pattern on the bottom just appears. The height of the water column is then recorded. Quantity discounts are available. Made with Secure StopperTM. Made in the USA. 60 cm Price: US $41.50.

120 cm Transparency / Turbidity Tube ( Code:TTG ) Polycarbonate 1.2m/120cm Transparency Tube - GLOBE® -compliant. (Click here to go to the GLOBE® Program®'s protocols page.) Made with Secure StopperTM. Made in the USA. Quantity discounts are available. Price: US $56.50.

Transparency / Turbidity Tube Replacement Stopper ( Code:TTRS ) A replacement stopper for the end of the turbidity tube with Secchi pattern. Price: US $19.95.

Custom lengths and scales are available upon request.

More info on the turbidity tube (measuring transparency and instructional resources)

Secchi-Tube (Code ST-60) or (ST-120) The Secchi-Tube is designed to function like the traditional Secchi disk that is used in lake monitoring. A weighted Secchi disk is lowered into the tube by a line, allowing the user to raise and lower the Secchi disk within the same water sample numerous times. This method allows for averaging the water transparency readings. At the top of the Secchi-Tube is a hole that drains excess water off to bring the water sample level down to the "zero" mark on the centimeter scale. The Secchi-Tube is made of polycarbonate with an easy-to-read centimeter tape. Features the Secure StopperTM and all stainless steel hardware. 60 cm Price: US $42.50. 120 cm Price: US $57.00.

More info on the Secchi tube (measuring transparency and instructional resources)

What's the Difference Between the Turbidity and Secchi Tubes?

If your protocols requires multiple readings on the same sample the Secchi tube allows a person to do so without having to re-pour the sample into the tube. The Turbidity tube requires catching the sample in a bucket and then pouring the sample back into the tube. The Secchi-tube does not allow unsuspended material to settle on the disk as readily as the turbidity tube does with its stationary black and white disk.

The 120cm turbidity tube  ( Code:TTH )  with a release mechanism operated by a handle is designed for a convenient one-person operation. A ¼" ball valve, operated by an extension handle, has replaced the hose-crimp drain, making the overall operation easier and smoother. The flow of water can be precisely regulated via the extension handle while observing the Secchi pattern and taking the reading. Price: US $89.00

All transparency/turbidity tubes ordered from Water Monitoring Equipment & Supply will be our updated version featuring our new Secure StopperTM, eliminating the need for replacement stoppers. The stopper will still be removable for cleaning purposes by simply undoing the stainless steel set screw and removing the stopper. After cleaning, reinsert stopper and tighten down the set screw.

Portable Turbidity Meter: 2020we

Handheld turbidity meter Now Waterproof!

The multi-detector optical configuration assures long term stability and minimizes stray light and color interferences. All turbidity readings are determined by the process of signal averaging over a 5 second period. This minimizes fluctuations in readings attributed to large particles and results in rapid, highly repeatable measurements. Ideally suited for both low-level drinking water applications as well as monitoring high turbidity in the field.

LaMotte Portable Turbidity Meter: 2020we LaMotte Portable Turbidity Meter: 2020we Kit
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • USB port
  • 7 languages
  • Backlit display
  • EPA and ISO versions

Kit supplied with 0, 1, and 10 NTU standard, sample bottle, 6 sample tubes, USB cable, USB computer/wall adapter, and waterproof carrying case. 2020we Kit: Portable turbidity meter complies with USEPA 180.1 Standard. Price:US $900.00

  Hach Portable Turbidity Meter   Call us at (207) 276-5746 for details

Artificial Substrate Basket ( Code: ASB ) For years the chicken barbecue basket was used, only to rust and fall apart in a season or two. This Artificial Substrate Basket is made of one inch square, 14 gauge galvanized wire with a PVC coating. These baskets withstand use in both fresh and salt water. The cylindrical basket measures 6½ inches in diameter and 11 inches in length. One end is hinged and tied with a nylon releasable tie. The other end is permanently fastened to the cylinder. For shallow water areas see item: RRB below. Price: US $27.95 Quantity discounts available.

Riffle Rock Bags ( Code: RRB ) TThis bag is especially effective in low water areas providing maximum flexibility to conform to the streambed. The bag is made of rugged nylon twine with the mesh size 1 sq. in. The bag is 22 inches long with a wide mouth opening. The mouth has a durable cord and grip closure. The ASB and RRB maintain the same parameters in both volume and mesh size.Price: US $29.00 Quantity discounts available.

Benthic Macro Invertebrate Seine (E.P.A. Rapid Bioassessment) - ( Code:BIS (without poles and weight), BISPC(with poles and weight) ) The net is one meter square and constructed of 560 micron cloth. The bottom edge is an 18 ounce vinyl coated nylon. It is abrasion, puncture and tear resistant, unaffected by extreme temperature changes and resistant to fungicidal growth. A galvanized 3/8 chain is used to weight the bottom edge and attaches to a stainless steel eyebolt. Price: (BIS): US$89.00 Price: (BISPC): US $120.00

Wash / Sieve Bucket ( Code: SB ) The sieve bucket is a large 13 liter/3+ gal., heavy duty bucket with a molded pouring spout and sturdy metal handle with a plastic grip. The bottom of the bucket is cut out and replaced with stainless steel screening to match your protocol; the screening is reinforced with a 1/4 inch mesh galvanized hardware cloth bottom. This new bottom is fastened to the bucket wall using stainless steel finish washers for a smoother interior. Price: US $98.00

View Bucket (Aqua Explorer View Bucket) Code: VB This aquatic view bucket is made of a rugged 5 gallon bucket with the lid containing an acrylic lens, which yields a 9¼ inch viewing area. The lens is recessed in the lid to provide protection from abrasion when the bucket is set down. The acrylic lens is replaceable. The black interior cuts down on the internal reflection. The two handles make for stable maneuvering and the all stainless steel hardware resist corrosion in both fresh and salt water. The View Bucket is ideal for observing streambed morphology, invasive aquatic plants and the monitoring of other aquatic life as well as locating moorings and other lost items. Price: US $98.00

Benthic Kick Net ( Code: KN ) The Kick Net frame is made of a one piece 3/8 inch stainless steel rod, bent to form a 18x8 inch rectangle. The rod is welded to a stainless steel handle collar. A 1-inch telescoping (39"-69") aluminum pole is fastened in the collar with two removable stainless steel bolts.

The net bag is made of 560 micron fabric and is 10 inches deep. The bottom is made with an abrasion, puncture, and tear resistant vinyl covered nylon. This bottom fabric is not affected by temperature extremes. The fabric is resistant to fungicidal growth. The net mouth has a border of the same vinyl covered nylon as the bottom panel. The border is folded over the frame and held in place with hook and loop fastener. (KN) Price: US $189.00   Replacement net for the kick net (KNR) Price: US $89.00

D-Frame Net ( Code: DFN ) The traditional D-frame hoop of 1/4-inch stainless steel has a 12-inch bottom bar and a 2-inch rise before a 6 inch radius begins. The hoop is welded to a stainless steel handle collar, which is fitted to a 1and 1/4 inch diameter, 52 inch pole with two removable stainless steel bolts. The net is made of 500 micron Nytex® mesh (custom mesh sizes are available) and sewn to a vinyl covered nylon fabric; which has hook and loop attachment to the frame, making for easy replacement. Price: US $129.00   Replacement net available (DFNR) Price: US $65.00

Hester-Dendy Multiplate Sampler (Code: MPSS) This square variety of the Hester-Dendy style sampler has nine, 3" square plates, each 1/8 inch thick. The eight spaces between the plates are uniform at 1/8 inch increments. The most moisture resistant tempered hardboard produced is used. The board is smooth on both sides. A Stainless steel eye bolt is used to fasten the plates together. Price: US $20.99

Hester-Dendy Sampler (Code: MPSR) This Hester-Dendy style sampler has 14 plates, each 75mm (three inches) in diameter, and has 13 spaces varying from: 8-single spaces, 1-double space, 2-triple spaces, and 2-quadruple spaces. Both the plates and the spacers are each 3mm ( 1/8 inch) thick. The most moisture resistant tempered hardboard produced is used. A stainless steel eye bolt is used to fasten the plates together. EPA compliant. Price: US $25.95

Your specifications: ask for a quote.

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